Friday, January 1, 2010

On Pins and Needles!

I've been seeing a little trend lately where people are using decorative pins (usually close to a hat pin) on layout and cards. Well, I've been keeping an eye out for some in my local craft stores - both in the scrapbooking area and out. But when I find these fun pins they are just way to expensive or just not what I want for my layouts. Well, when I can't find something I want I usually go straight to the internet and get it there! However, I decided this was something I might actually be able to make easily and get exactly what I wanted. So I did! I made about a dozen of the "pins" by cracking out my stash of pretty glass beads and -- here is the fun part -- my jewelry supplies, specifically the head pins. Usually, these are used when making earrings... but I found they are pretty perfect for these little babies too! Quick instructions for anyone that wants to try -- you'll also need a strong wet glue (I used Diamond Glaze) and a foam to stick the pins in. I just coated the end of the head pin with glue, slid the bead on (some I did two beads to make little flowers!) and then suspend upside down by poking into the foam and hanging this off the edge of a surface. I let mine dry over night and bam! My own personal pins for crafting.

I used my first two on another layout for the various Christmas 2009 pictures. They are a small addition to the left of the page title. I think it looks pretty nice.

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