Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family Fun Layout

This "family fun" layout is actually quite similar to another layout I recently did of some pumpkin carving photos. Both layouts are based off of the same sketch. On this one I think the colors are wonderful (some of my favorite ones to do together).

I've added in some faux stitching to frame up the photos. One of these days I'll invest in a actual sewing machine instead of faux or hand stitching.

I used a library book card for the journaling on the layout... that was fun! I keep seeing people use the strangest of things - completely unrelated to the subject of the layout - as journaling or embellishments. I have had a whole stack of these card sitting around for a while and I think it works out well. Next time I think I'll try to include the little envelope sleeve I have for them to go into (wrong color for this layout so I left it off). Finally, I used stickers on the layout as well. I rarely use stickers because they are usually too, well, sticker-ish looking usually. But, these stickers you can barely see! YEAH!
Well, my winter holiday is just about over, I think this may be the last layout I get done before heading back to work. I'm actually excited to get back to work... I love my work!
Hopefully I can squeeze in a few more layouts -- and post them to the blog - if not, the next time I post may be after a crop night with the Meetup Group.

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