Sunday, December 27, 2009

Zig Emboss Pen

I saw a fun card made from a patterned paper filled with words - on word was highlighted by a frame to point to the subject of the card. I figured I could try this myself and make a handmade pattern of words and highlight the one that I wanted to most highlight. To do this I used a Zig Emboss Pen. I first wrote out several words (in this case words related to love and my husband) in a random pattern with the pen. I then applied black embossing powder to the words and heated. One single word - Love - was embossed with gold powder. I'm not sure I have the color combo down - as green didn't seem to highlight the card well. :( However, a work in progress -- I hope my hubby doesn't mind getting a few of these as I experiment more. :D

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