Monday, December 28, 2009

Two New Scrapbooking Things for Me

For the last week or so I've been mostly producing a lot of cards -- this was because I wanted to cleanup some of my scraps (my scrap drawer was full!). I'm a little done with card making for a little while! :D
I decided today I would try to use some of my larger scraps with a scrapbook layout. I also chose to try two new things for me:
1st a new technique where distressing the edge of a page is taken to a whole new level! If you can see from the layout above, this technique uses a very rough distressing and tearing of the edges of the page to actually reveal a new color below. I think this worked out pretty good for this layout -- the peaks of teal paper along all four edges really helps to almost frame the layout. It was a little scary tearing up the edges so brutally - it took me a little of holding my breath and I went really slowly removing just a bit at a time.

2nd a new product! Yeah, always love new fun pretties! In this case very pretty! The product is something that I got from my local craft store -- they were very beautiful teal glittered letters. They are meant for wall decoration -- but I think they look wonderful on my layout! I'm pretty sure I'm breaking the "no acid" with these letters -- but the image and layout is more for fun then long lasting. I have the image in other layouts and don't need this specific layout to last my life and beyond without yellowing. I think it came out pretty nice. :D

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