Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Scrap Space

We recently moved and I've just finished putting my scrapbooking space together. I thought I'd share images of the space as I'm pretty proud of it!
Scrapbook Room
The scrap space is toward the back of the loft while there is a partial wall made by putting a bookcase and a large plant into the middle of the room. This separates the lounge/sitting area from the scrap space while still keeping a very open feel to the room.
I added a second chair to my sitting area so I can have guest join me in my relaxed loft! The chairs are actually lawn furniture I saved and revitalized with a fresh coat of paint and cushions. Although not a room that is lacking natural light - it is pretty barren of built in lights so I've added several floor lamps and a task lamp as well as two paper stars I got in India that I modified into paper lanterns above the sitting area. Finally, in the seating area I added a couple 12" floating shelves that are perfect for showing off a couple pages.
My major desk space is a mirror surface. I like working on mirror as it is hard and easy to cut on (similar to glass cutting mats) and it is pretty easy to clean.
Tech Center
Everyone needs their tech center for the photo editing, music, research, etc. This side nook area fit an older desk perfectly and it's nice and out of the way. I've got all my cables for my computers, laptop, iPhone, iPad, cameras; my battery chargers; networking & wireless; etc. all in one place and easy to access.
I had some extra space above my equipment so I hung wires with clips so I can display more pages. It's very easy to switch them out as I create new pages.

If there is interest here is a link to my Flickr slideshow of the additional pictures.


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  1. OMG, this is SUCH a hot space, Rebecca! i LOVE your style! will it always look that clean?